Modern walls in the living room (modular, straight, corner, with wardrobe) + 370 PHOTO


Modern walls - this is something that immediately draw all the attention. Create an interior to the envy of all. We selected the material so that our design ideas for the living room wall would satisfy any search query. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Features living room furniture
  • Wall location
  • Straight
  • Corner
  • U-shaped
  • Gorka
  • Some design options
  • Material texture
  • Colour
  • Decor designs
  • Living room wall with fireplace
  • Wall with library
  • Top 4 ideas of space use
  • VIDEO: Choosing walls for the living room
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best modern walls for the living room
  • Features living room furniture
  • Wall location
  • Some design options
  • Living room wall with fireplace
  • Wall with library
  • Top 4 ideas of space use
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best modern walls for the living room
  • Features living room furniture

    To think about a truly multifunctional interior for the wall, you need to analyze everything in terms of design. Obviously, some furniture will be located near the wall, and most likely, a modular design, so it is better to choose in advance which goal the selected part of the room will carry.

    We analyze the possibilities

    For living walls most often create modules from:

    • cabinet (for linen and clothes);
    • bedside tables (for various audio and visible technology, as well as vases and other elements);
    • sideboard (for furnishings, tableware or other trifles);
    • regular shelves and individual shelves (also for small items, dishes and books);
    • special rack for specific equipment, whether it is a PC or home theater.

    Various modules

    Undoubtedly, the module sizes and components are selected after the selection of the destination for this zone. Modular furniture is extremely convenient, because it can fit into any size of the room, and sometimes even zone the space.

    To create an attractive interior with a correctly built-in functional module, you should use the services of a professional designer. In addition, it is better to buy a wall to order, in order to keep all the dimensions of the room and occupy the available space rationally.

    Often they buy custom-made furniture to fit into the space provided.

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    Wall location

    The wall in the guest hall can have not only different equipment, but location depending on the conditions.

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    Standardly, this option occupies the entire wall, but it may well be located in a specific area depending on the size of the room and the dimensions of the furniture being purchased. It also takes into account the overall design of the interior, so that sometimes it fits in a niche to make it more efficient to spend space in the room.

    Straight wall option

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    Option for not too large rooms. Often installed in the configuration with a cabinet or cabinet with a TV, but use other options for the location of furniture in the corner. Choosing an angular format, you will get a lot of free space for installing living room furniture, such as a sofa for a dining table or a coffee table with chairs.

    Corner wall

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    In this case, two corners will be used already, so a large amount of space is spent. This means that this wall should be thought out, or the living room should be really spacious.

    Such a module can combine in itself a wardrobe closet with a set of things for the owners, a home cinema, an armchair, because it is quite convenient to collect everything in one place, all the more it helps to unload space in other rooms.

    U-shaped wall

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    A wall consisting of completely different designs is often exactly the size. From the name it is obvious that often the hill is rather uneven in height of elements, sometimes it can also be asymmetric. Interestingly, all elevation changes have smooth transitions.

    Option slides in the living room

    The arrangement of the mini-wall. It is more like a straight format, but includes a module of furniture of rather narrow dimensions: a shelf and a pedestal. Such a wall is most often used for TV with a stereo system, with various souvenirs, and sometimes just small shelves or a standard shelf are equipped with a pedestal.

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    Some design options

    To make a really interesting design option, you should consider the design to the smallest detail, choosing an interesting color scheme and having thought out the decor.

    We think over all the details

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    Material texture

    The choice of texture for the furniture module is limited only by the desire of the owner. Depending on the interior of the apartment and specifically the living room, the design style of the module is chosen. Most often people choose furniture with imitation for wood of different species, although the variant is classic, it is not particularly interesting, modern.

    Furniture with imitation wood

    You can diversify it, if some parts are of darker shades, while others are light, the game with a matte, lacquered wood coating will also work.

    To make a more interesting design, you can find combinations of wood with other unusual materials, for example, fabric, iron or paper, and wood coloring in this case will be used as a background, and, say, fabric inserts with an interesting pattern are nice to complement the overall composition. But if you still want the classics, then glass drawing inserts in the doors will suffice.

    Drawn door inserts

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    Classic in terms of colors is white. White racks and cabinets are quite popular nowadays, because they look not only aesthetically pleasing, but also quite modern, minimalist. What is especially nice, snow-white furniture looks more easily, which allows you to visually expand the space of a small room.

    Classic white color

    Choosing light furniture, you not only can create a pleasant, cozy image for the guest room, but also get rid of unnecessary problems with care around the house - on light surfaces there is almost no noticeable dust, dirty fingerprints.

    In addition, specifically white color goes well with all other colors and textures. This allows you to arrange the room harmoniously, but truly stylish, playing on the contrasts of colors.

    Playing in contrasting colors.

    If in narrow apartments it is better to use light shades, then in a spacious living room you can use dark saturated colors, although in this case, it is better to choose a combination of two or more colors in order not to load the room too much.

    The classic version is a combination of white and black, but it fits only in a room where there is already a black and white interior. This combination makes the room not only extremely stylish, harmonious, but aesthetically pleasing.

    Perfect white with black

    If you want more originality, you can choose original and unusual color combinations - for example, wooden with violet. In this case, a more saturated color is the background, and wooden inserts adorn the elements as an addition.

    By the way, precisely these shades, be it purple, lilac or purple, are chosen in order to create an expressive and sensual design of the room that everyone should remember.

    Bright accent in the room

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    Decor designs

    The wall itself is an excellent decor for the living room as a whole, but the furniture module itself should have a decent design that fits the overall style of the hall interior.

    If you want classics, then you should choose shelves and wardrobes with painted glass, as well as furniture with wrought handles. Such elements will give the overall style some sophistication and show a good taste of the owner.

    We maintain everything in style

    For a more lively and fashionable decor it is worth choosing shelves and designs as a whole with beautiful lighting, which can be both standard and original multi-colored, depending on the overall style of the interior in the house. A great addition here will be photo printing right on the walls, doors and facade of furniture.

    Enliven decor with photo printing

    Part of the decor of the furniture is also the design of individual elements, so an excellent idea for decoration is the placement of a mini-bar in one of the modules. In this case, it is also a truly justified decision, because it is made for the living room.

    It would also be justified to install a rolling out or retractable module specifically with chairs and a table for guests.

    Great is the placement of the mini-bar

    When installing the module shelf illumination, consider how you will hide communications like cables in advance, as well as where this light will be connected. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Living room wall with fireplace

    Some owners of private houses in the guest rooms have fireplaces, and, obviously, the wall with a fireplace should also be adequately decorated. For this, they usually use modular ones, because the arrangement of functional furniture around the fireplace is more rational and correct from a design point of view than empty space.

    You can often find walls with a fireplace inside

    This is necessary not only in terms of installing convenient in home structures for storing something, but also to create balance in this part of the room. Usually, video and audio systems are placed above the fireplace, for which the TV is installed directly to the chimney wall, and the stereo system is installed on shelves pre-installed near the fireplace.

    The warmth and comfort of your apartment

    By the way, to modernize this video zone and make an interesting contrast between the old fireplace and new technologies, shelves with a stereo system can be highlighted. The idea of ​​an asymmetrical arrangement of modular elements relative to the fireplace can be called a fairly progressive option.

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    Wall with library

    If there is no fireplace in your house, but you want to fill a large space with something aristocratic, but useful, you should equip the living room wall under your home library. It is possible that a large number of books have accumulated in your house, and they can be extremely beautifully arranged along the entire length of the wall to the delight of your eyes and guests.

    A large number of books can be placed in such a library.

    Often, by the way, the books have an interesting design that allows you to create a unique pattern of the roots by color. In addition to books, you can completely arrange any items of your hobby: music CDs and records, small souvenirs or collectible toys, postcards, dishes, etc., that you like.

    Items can also be placed here.

    All this, being located on open shelves, will perfectly decorate the interior, will add some home coziness, because you would like to share your hobbies and hobbies with the guests. Undoubtedly, some particularly valuable exhibits or books can be stored in closed-type boxes or racks so that they cannot deteriorate.

    Convenient shelves for use of the closed type

    The idea requires constant care for the shelves and objects placed on them, because dust constantly accumulates on the surface, which can affect the quality of the exhibits. If you are not ready to maintain cleanliness constantly, it is better not to use this idea, or to equip the shelves with glass doors. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Top 4 ideas of space use

    We have already given several ways how it is quite useful to spend the guest hall area occupied by the wall, but there are quite a few such options.

    1 By selecting a corner located near a window, you can save a lot of apartment space by placing several systems under the window for storing something. Such an idea is suitable only for those who do not have radiators directly under the windows.2Also an interesting design move is the use of modular corner shelves for space zoning if the room is really big enough. It happens that there is a need to create separate zones - recreation, entertainment, such walls are suitable for this, while being used to store some things. You can turn into the working area of ​​the living room by arranging a modular design with a worker or desk under the computer, as well as many shelving and drawers. A small comfortable chair is also bought in the package, which, if necessary, can be removed back into the module. 4. If you do not know which design to choose for your room, stop on the slide. The wall hill is suitable both for small, and for big rooms, are rather practical, but do not take a lot of place. The remarkable nature of the slides is also that they are universal, suitable for almost any interior, while remaining interesting and modern.

    The best option is considered a slide

    Drawing living room slides with a map of cutting

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